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How to Get Into E3


How to Get Into E3

Attend one of the biggest gaming events.

How to Get Into E3

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3 for short, has always been one of the biggest gaming events every year. All kinds of gaming developers come together in Los Angeles to show off their ongoing and future projects on the show floor. Those who are lucky enough to attend E3 can even try out some of the upcoming titles, depending on their availability.

All that said, going to the major gaming event should be on every gamer’s bucket list. Luckily, the convention is now open to the biggest fans of video games as you can choose to buy expo passes and experience everything for yourself. You can choose to buy a Fan Pass or an On-site Pass which grants three days of access to the Show Floor.

Take note that E3 passes are a first-come, first serve basis, so you have to buy quickly if planning to purchase one. Moreover, no one under the age of 17 will be allowed to enter the event. Public passes are available to purchase on the official website, and they usually go on sale a few months before the event. Needless to say, you cannot purchase an expo ticket if they are officially sold out.

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