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Take Fez on the Go With Mobile Fez Pocket Edition


Take Fez on the Go With Mobile Fez Pocket Edition

The beloved platformer is now available as a mobile game.

Polytron Corporation’s popular platformer Fez is out for iOS via the App Store for the price of a decently-sized coffee. If you enjoy quirky, puzzly platformers, you should find plenty to love about Fez Pocket Edition.

Fez Pocket Edition follows a small 2D creature who discovers a third dimension in his 2D world. As such, you’ll need to navigate through 3D structures rife with secrets, treasure, and puzzles as you shift your perspective around and navigate a world full of surprises.

Fez has been available on a wide selection of consoles for some time now, including PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PS Vita, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC. Now you can experience it on the go if you so choose, and why wouldn’t you? Gomez is adorable, after all.

If you’ve never enjoyed Fez before, you can pick up this new mobile version of the game for $4.99 via the App Store now.


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