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Top 5 Easiest Xbox One Achievements of November 2017


Top 5 Easiest Xbox One Achievements of November 2017

November’s easiest achievements.

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Super Lucky’s Tale

Easiest Xbox One Achievements of November 2017

Super Lucky’s Tale isn’t going to win any awards for best platformer anytime soon, but if you’re looking for a change from all of the gritty shooters and action adventures packed into Q4 and want some easy achievements, it’s definitely worth a try. Players guide the incredibly cheery and optimistic Lucky through colorful 3D worlds (and some 2D sections) to help his sister rescue the Book of Ages from Jinx the mysterious villain.

Its 1000 Gamerscore is made up of 23 different achievements, a bunch of which you’ll simply unlock from natural progression through the story. Others may require you to interact more with the world or complete a minigame, but it’s nothing that’s going to really take you long to figure out. Finally, there are four achievements coming in at 100 Gamerscore each that simply require you to find all of the Clovers in each chapter. These are fairly easily gotten, as long as you collect the 300 coins in each world, but even these aren’t difficult to find. Even if you can’t see yourself to polish off all of the achievements in Super Lucky’s Tale, you’ll likely walk away with a good chunk after the six-to-eight hours it takes to complete.

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