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Destiny 2: Where to Find Phaseglass


Destiny 2: Where to Find Phaseglass

Working towards that Io package.

Finding Phaseglass in Destiny 2

When you’re out exploring Io in Destiny 2, every now and then you’ll be given the planet-specific objective of gathering 10 Phaseglass redeemables. Like the Dusklight Shards and Datalattices on the EDZ and Nessus, these resources can be traded-in to the Io vendor for you to work towards a faction package. While they aren’t as valuable as planet tokens, they can still help to give you an extra boost.

Phaseglass can be found all over Io; you just have to look out for the glowing white shards on the ground and interact with them. If you’re looking to farm them, however, consider going to the Spine Burrow to nab a few easy pickups. As shown in the video from Massive Trigger Gaming down below, the Spine Burrow is home to quite a few spawn points for Phaseglass. After taking out the enemies, you can quickly pick up two or three of them, and then reload the instance (you might have to do this a few times) to try farming them again.

As always, we recommend focusing on other planet activities like adventures and public events while keeping an eye out for Phaseglass so it doesn’t feel like too much of a chore.

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