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Destiny 2: What Masterwork Weapons Are


Destiny 2: What Masterwork Weapons Are

Having trouble understanding the difference between a regular legendary weapon and a masterworks weapon in Destiny 2? Here’s a handy guide to help out.

What are Masterwork Weapons in Destiny 2

While Destiny 2’s Curse of Osiris expansion dropped on Dec. 5 with new story content and weapons, those non-season pass players have not been left without anything to strive for. Bungie added Masterworks in the Dec. 12 patch, which are legendary (purple) weapons with a random stat boost, a kill-tracker for either player-versus-environment (PvE) or player-versus-player (PvP), and can generate super ability orbs on multikills.

A Masterworks version of a legendary weapon does not look any different, but will have a golden border around the weapon’s inventory box so it is very easy to tell the difference. Masterwork weapons provide either a five or 10 point boost to one of the weapon’s stats: Blast Radius, Handling, Impact, Magazine, Range, Reload, Stability, and Velocity.

Dismantling a Masterwork weapon breaks down into Gunsmith Materials, Legendary Shards, and a new consumable called Masterwork Cores. These Masterwork Cores can be used to turn regular legendary weapons into a Masterworks version, or re-roll the current stat boost for another in the details menu of a selected weapon.

A dismantled Masterwork weapon provides between one to three cores, while a re-roll costs three cores and an upgrade costs 10 cores. Both options require 25 Legendary Shards as well. Fusing a Masterwork weapon into a regular weapon does not transfer the bonus.

That is what Masterwork weapons are in Destiny 2, and be sure to search for Twinfinite for more coverage and our extensive Destiny 2 wiki.

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