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Destiny 2: Where to Find Masterwork Weapons


Destiny 2: Where to Find Masterwork Weapons

Here is how to find the all-new Masterwork weapons in Destiny 2, and the most efficient method to earn the weapons faster.

Where to Find Masterwork Weapons in Destiny 2

Bungie released the first expansion for Destiny 2 on Dec. 5, Curse of Osiris, but did not leave non-season pass holders without anything new. Masterwork weapons were added in the Dec. 12 patch, which are legendary (purple) guns that contain a stat boost, a kill count for either AI or human players, and can generate super ability orbs on multikills.

Masterwork weapons can be obtained through a variety of activities, so long as your character has a Power level above 250. A Masterwork weapon can be found from completing Crucible matches, milestones, Cayde’s Treasure Maps, legendary engrams, and rewards from ranking up vendors. Bungie has confirmed that Raid and Trials of the Nine weapons have a “very high” chance to be Masterworks.

Essentially every time you earn a legendary weapon, there is a chance it could be a Masterworks version. You can easily tell the difference between the two because the Masterworks version has a gold border around its inventory box. You can also upgrade old weapons into Masterworks with Legendary Shards and Masterwork Cores, which can be earned by dismantling Masterworks weapons.

The quickest method to obtain these weapons is by turning in tokens at the various vendors. The easiest tokens to hand in are Gunsmith Materials, earned by dismantling most weapons, at the Crucible Gunsmith at the Farm or Banshee-44 at the Tower. It is possible to bank hundreds of Gunsmith Materials over the course of a Destiny 2 playthrough, as long as you have not spent them already.

That is where to find Masterwork weapons in Destiny 2, and be sure to search for Twinfinite for more coverage and our extensive Destiny 2 wiki.

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