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CSGO: How to Rank Up Fast


CSGO: How to Rank Up Fast


In competitive online multiplayer games, ranking up can be a confusing and difficult task for newcomers. If you’re not up to speed on exactly what conditions contribute to your profile rank then you may very well be working hard in the wrong areas. Even experienced players will find that their ranking progress plateaus eventually. As a result, many CSGO players of different abilities will be equally wondering whether there is a way to rank up fast.

There are two different types of ranking in CSGO: Profile Ranking, Competitive Ranking.

For the Profile Ranking, there are 40 different ranks, and players rank up with every 5000XP earned. The important thing to remember is that ranking up is more to do with round wins than it is about individual scores. If you’re running around the map pursuing the best kill to death ratio and ignoring objectives, you won’t be rewarded with as much XP. That isn’t to say individual kills do not count, but they aren’t as valuable as round wins. There are multipliers applied to your total match are based on the amount of XP that you have earned during a week. The more you play and the more XP you earn, the higher your multiplier will be.

Competitive Ranking is a little more complex. You will need to play a certain number of CSGO games and win a certain amount of rounds before you are given a competitive rank, which will typically be the lowest rank in the game (Silver 1). The ranking is based on a system called the Elo rating system — a system originally designed for competitive games such as chess.

In CSGO, the Elo system determines your skill level based on the number of round wins, individual kills, and total match wins players record (though the exact formula is not known). Ultimately, attaining a higher Competitive Rank is down to consistently playing CSGO and winning rounds. Losing rounds will drop your rank, and not playing CSGO for a certain amount of time will see your rank disappear (though playing a single game will return it). There aren’t necessarily any shortcuts to ranking up fast, but it’s worth keeping in mind that the more games you play versus higher ranked players, the more the Elo system will deem you to be a better player and boost your ranking. Players are advised to find a group of friends and play matches with the same people consistently to boost chances of winning rounds and matches.

That is all the information you need to rank up fast in CSGO. For more useful guides, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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