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Columbus Circle’s 16-Bit Pocket Device Looks Like a Switch SNES


Columbus Circle’s 16-Bit Pocket Device Looks Like a Switch SNES

Looks like the Switch, but plays SNES and Famicom games!

We all love the Switch and everything it’s capable of, right? But what if the Switch could play some of your favorite SNES and Super Famicom cartridges? It’d be awesome if you could create some kind of device that could pull double duty for retro games, and it looks like manufacturer Columbus Circle has done just that with the new 16BIT POCKET HDMI product.

Inspired by the Nintendo Switch, Columbus Circle’s 16BIT POCKET HDMI comes as a portable device with a 7″ screen that you can use on the go or connected to a dock so you can play your games in full HD on TV with two controllers and Tabletop mode. You can also play both Super Famicom cartridges in addition to Super Nintendo carts you may already have, so if you’ve got a big collection of games, this should be good news.

Japan is getting this awesome device on Feb. 28, 2018, but there’s no current plans for a Western release at this time. Hopefully it’s something that does make its way over, especially given the rekindling for all things nostalgia for older video games and the like here.


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