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How to Play Clue the Game


How to Play Clue the Game

How to Play Clue the Game

If you’re looking to play a fun board game with your friends and family, Clue the Game has exactly what you need. Rest assured that people of all ages can play the game, as learning the rules and figuring out all the basics are simple to understand and easy to remember. It’s the perfect game for a cold winter day or sullen stormy night and is practically guaranteed to bring excitement into the room no matter the occasion.

Ultimately, the person who wins is whomever finds out which suspect, weapon, and room cards are in the Murder Envelope. This means that each participant has to ask enough questions to comfortably eliminate all but three cards in the game and successfully solve the murder. To make the accusation however, your token has to get to the center space on the board. If you make it there, proclaim who you think committed the murder, and look in the Murder Envelope. If you find out that you’re right, you’ve won the game. If you do all that and find out you’re wrong, you have to remove yourself from the game and not tell anyone else what it is you discovered in the Murder Envelope.

Now that you have an basic understanding, it’s time to actually begin a game. Place all six weapon tokens and all six character tokens in the center of the board even if there are less than six people playing the game. Have anyone participating assume the role of one colored token suspect. Sort all the black Clue cards into weapon, suspect, and room decks and shuffle each deck separately, placing them face down on the table once you’re done. Without taking a peek yourself, take the top card from each deck and place them in the yellow Murder Envelope. These cards are those directly involved in the murder you’re trying to solve, so don’t look!

With your Murder Enveloper tucked away, shuffle the rest of the black Clue card decks together and deal them out to all the players in the game so that each person has an equal number of cards. Don’t worry if these don’t exactly divide perfectly – leftovers can be placed face up to the side. Make sure that everyone keeps their hands a secret!

From here, each person should be given a sheet and pen and should write down all the cards he or she has in his or her possession and any leftover cards not involved in the game. Each person will witness other players’ cards being revealed one at a time, so it’s important that players keep this sheet handy and up to date with the latest clues to eliminate for catching the murderer and winning the game.

Now that you’ve done all that, you’re ready to start! To decide who goes first, have everyone roll the dice. He or she who has the highest number goes first, and the order decreases from high to low rolls from there.

Once it’s your turn, roll the dice and move your token that number of spaces around the board. You can move vertically and horizontally, forward and back, though not diagonally. Try to enter any room on your first try and if your roll prompts you to move beyond one room and into another, simply cut your number of moves down.

Once you’re entered a room, stop and answer a question about one suspect, one weapon, and the room you just entered. Should you have just entered the garage, for example, you could ask something along the lines of, “Was it Scarlet, with the rope in the garage?” The accused’s token should then be brought into the room with you and should answer your question by secretly showing you one of the cards you thought they didn’t have. Should the person not have any of the cards you mentioned, they should simply say “I cannot answer.” You can move on with other token’s from there until you’ve been shown one card.

Now that you’ve seen one card, mark it down on your sheet. The token which you brought into the room with you can stay where it is and ask you a question once it’s their turn or choose to move into another room.

Clue continues in this manner, with each person entering different rooms and bringing different suspects in with them for questioning. As mentioned when we began, the person who manages to figure out what cards are in the Murder Envelope through process of elimination should proceed to the center of the room and make his or her accusation to win the game.

For another explanation on how to play Clue, check out an informative video courtesy of YouTube channel Triple S Games below:

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