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Call of Duty WW2’s Winter Siege Starts This Friday


Call of Duty WW2’s Winter Siege Starts This Friday

It begins…very soon.

Call of Duty: WWII is about to experience its first community-based event ever, and there’s new content coming with it as well. Winter Siege is coming this Friday, Dec. 8 for all platforms, and it’ll come with a new winter-themed version of the Carentan multiplayer map.

It’s all about keeping things festive, with Carentan doused in snow and themed for winter. Headquarters will also get some special sprucing up, with additional new Supply Drops with appropriate winter wear as well as a temporary quartermaster.

In the second week of the event, players will see Gun Game return as well as double XP playlists, so fans can spend time competing with each other to earn a good chunk of experience for their time. Gun Game challenges players to get a kill with each weapon in a round, which can be a challenge if you’re not used to playing with all the various arms.

Major Howard will offer special variants of each weapon by completing Special Orders that change out each day, and these will be free. Players can also earn Winter Siege Supply Drops, which can be earned with zero purchases as well. You get one just for logging in, but you can purchase them too with regular Call of Duty Points.

If you’re interested in getting involved in the community event, make sure you hop online this Friday before it all comes to an end.


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