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Top 5 Biggest Gaming Announcements of 2017


Top 5 Biggest Gaming Announcements of 2017

The weird and wonderful.


2017’s Biggest Gaming Announcements

BioWare is capable of creating some of the best games ever made. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, the original Mass Effect Trilogy, and the Dragon Age Series are all excellent in their own right. Unfortunately, this year, with the mediocre release of Mass Effect Andromeda, its reputation has been somewhat tarnished – hardcore BioWare fans were just waiting for the developer to announce something new, possibly putting it on track to redeeming itself. Well, at E3 this year, it did just that.

Anthem is BioWare’s latest baby, and oh boy does it look great. The announcement itself was in the form of an extended gameplay trailer, showing off many of the games RPG-esque features. It looked amazing, and pretty much blew us all away in terms of what we should be expecting. Flying around like Iron Man in a sprawling world, all the while with your friends? Sign me up.

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