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Arms Version 5.0 Launches Tomorrow With a New Fighter


Arms Version 5.0 Launches Tomorrow With a New Fighter

Spring into action!

Nintendo’s Arms is still chugging on with a new update and a chunk of new content, with version 5.0 launching on Dec. 21. Nintendo has kept mum on exactly what kind of updates are in store for the game aside from a new fighter, but as is usually the case with new Arms updates, there’s probably more coming, too.

Despite the fact that the fervor surrounding Nintendo’s newer IP has somewhat fizzled since launch, it’s still receiving regular updates and new faces, which is refreshing to see. These were promised and anticipated by fans when the game made its debut, so Nintendo’s follow-through is definitely appreciated.

Are you still playing Arms? Looking forward to a new fighter to join the ranks? Let us know in the comments below and get ready to hit multiplayer with your fave Arms combatant tomorrow when the update lands.


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