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6 Ways the Nintendo Switch Can Improve in 2018


6 Ways the Nintendo Switch Can Improve in 2018

Switch together, strong.

“The Nintendo Switch owned 2017” is a sentence no one actually expected to write by the end of the year, but credit to Nintendo for pulling off one of the best stories of the past 12 months and releasing the hottest product in the process. Question is, can they take what they’ve learnt and continue that good form into 2018? Here’s six important points that should help the Switch going forward.


Almost every month since launch, the Switch had a major release or two on store shelves that kept it in the public eye. From Zelda to ARMS, Splatoon to Super Mario Odyssey, the console’s opening launch cycle was arguably one of the strongest of any console to date. Nintendo would do best to maintain that plan going forward, and the good news is they have plenty of existing IPs to work with in order to do just that. We already know Yoshi and Kirby have two starring roles coming up, but surely we’re just a Nintendo Direct away from hearing about new entries in other beloved franchises, especially Animal Crossing and Super Smash Bros.

The Nindies, Nintendo’s growing partnership with indie developers, also helped to build a rather large library of titles on the eShop. There’s so no signs that will slow down either, with a ton of titles released every week for the platform going forward. With all that in mind, that momentum should hopefully continue for a while yet.

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