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5 Reveals From The Game Awards That Would Blow Us Away


5 Reveals From The Game Awards That Would Blow Us Away

We’ve been promised reveals.

Something Telltale

the walking dead

Telltale loves to announce something new at The Game Awards. Last year’s show saw the debut of their Guardians of the Galaxy series and 2015’s awards was the first time we saw the first season of Batman. It is unlikely that we’ll be treated to a brand new announcement, after the sad layoffs that happened at the studio earlier in the year, but we could get some updates on the games that have already been revealed.

The final season of The Walking Dead, which will see Clementine return as the playable character, was revealed at San Diego Comic Con in July and was given a release window of 2018. Also, the long awaited second season of The Wolf Among Us was revealed at Comic Con, and it was given the same vague release date.

Since the final episode of Guardians of the Galaxy has just released, and we’re over half way through season two of Batman, it is surely time for Telltale to reveal what game we should expect in the new year. It would be a surprise if we weren’t told which game was coming next, but we could even see an announcement about both release dates.

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