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10 Promising Anime Series to Look Forward to in 2018


10 Promising Anime Series to Look Forward to in 2018

2018 can’t come soon enough!

Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden has wowed anime enthusiasts for a few months now with its gorgeous trailers that have depicted strikingly detailed characters, stunning backdrops and settings, and a soundtrack composed of a prominent assortment of string instruments and piano. Scheduled to premiere Jan. 10, the anime will follow the emotional story of the light novel of the same name.

The story follows Violet Evergarden, a girl who is an Auto Memory Doll. These dolls are mechanical beings that were initially created by a scientist who wished to give his blind wife a companion to assist her. However, the dolls are eventually rented out to others who require obedient servants, and the military begins using them as disposable soldiers. Violet, who has just returned from war after her Major was apparently killed, believes she is now useless with her master KIA, and should be disposed of. A man named Claudia Hodgins, who created a postal company, buys her. Claudia sees Violet as a human being, not a machine, and tries to help her understand her new place in the world after the war, and the emotions she discovered while serving under her Major.

This anime may seem to follow the same beats of shows we’ve seen before, like Chobits or Black Bullet, and it does to an extent. But the anime is shaping up to be an artistic masterpiece, both in its animation and its music. If the anime follows the same story as its source material, it will also delve into themes of how society mistreats soldiers after war. This story should pull on the heartstrings, so if you enjoy a good tearjerker, then you’ll want to watch Violet Evergarden. The series will stream on Netflix.

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