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Wolfenstein 2: All Max Toys Locations


Wolfenstein 2: All Max Toys Locations

All Max Toys Locations in Wolfenstein 2

As well as the excellent main story missions, Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus gives you some side-missions to complete and loads of collectibles to find. One of those types of collectible is Max Hass’ toys, with 15 of them being littered throughout the Wolfenstein 2’s missions. You can start the Max’s toys side mission by speaking to the Professor in the central area of Eva’s Hammer. You can find Max toys during standard missions, but the best time to find them is during the Ubercommander assassination missions that you unlock using the enigma machine towards the end of Wolfenstein 2. The locations of the 15 Max toys are:

Manhattan – All Max Toys in Wolfenstein 2

  1. Harbor District – It’s right at the end of the district, where the Ubercommander is located. From the Police Station exit, go past the Subway entrance and into the building at the end of the street, on the left. Head up some stairs to the second floor and look behind the fallen table near the window, in the right corner. That’s where you’ll find it.
  2. Penthouse District – Take out all the enemies in the Penthouse and head down to the area below by going to the stairway at the back of the lower floor. Once you’re down there, take out the Ubercommander and head towards the two windows at the back of the floor. On your left, you should see a desk with some old books on; jump over it and Max’s toy should be on one of the shelves.
  3. Subway District – Head through the first two terminal areas, then into the left train carriage by the caged room. Head through the small room full of corpses and beds to the right and follow all the way through the following rooms to another train carriage, just after you’re made aware of two commanders. Max’s toy will be just on the left once you go through the door to the train.
  4. Nuclear Bunker District – In the final area of the Ubercommander mission, right at the back of the room with the small platforms, you’ll see a cart and some cardboard over a grate you would be able to run through. Just behind the cart, which you can jump over, is the toy.
  5. Ruins District – Follow the mission to the area with the large robotic enemy. Head into the tunnel on the right and you’ll come to a train carriage. The toy is in the back left corner of that train.

New Orleans – All Max Toys in Wolfenstein 2

  1. Confinement Wall District – Once you’re in the wall, head up the stairs on the West side, all the way to the top. Here you should find an Ubercommander and some offices. At the back of the last room, you should see a boat on a shelf.
  2. Bienville Street District – Once you’re in the sewers, follow the path all the way, where the hallway is bathed in orange light. Just before there, you should find a crocodile in a little alcove where the path turns a corner.
  3. Lakeview District – Head through the first area and into the sewers. Once you’ve come out the other side, head down the street and take a left into a dead end, where an Ubercommander should be. Just behind a blue container, you should see a space-ship toy.
  4. Ghetto District – Once you’re at the flooded street in the ghetto, head down on the left-hand side. Once you reach the double-decker bus, there should be a shop on the corner behind it. In there, on the counter, you’ll find an Ubercommander and Max’s bus toy.

Venus – All Max Toys in Wolfenstein 2

  1. Transporthalle District – Head through the level to Halle A, make your way over to where the Ubercommander is. Go down under the catwalk and crawl through the gap and drop down (where you’ll find the Battle Walker Contraption). Make your way back up and drop down into the control room, take out the target and pick up the toy.
  2. Oberkommando District – Early on in the mission, when you’re at the main circular Oberkommando room, find the halfway going off it that has a chain of carts in the middle. At the far end, on the left-hand side, there’ll be another smaller cart with a crate on, the toy will be just behind it.
  3. Habitat District – In the living quarters, towards the back end of the mission area (not far from where the Ubercommmander is), you head down some stairs and you’ll see some rooms. Go into “Raum 3′ and the toy will be on the table just in front of you.

Mesquite – All Max Toys in Wolfenstein 2

  1. Farmhouse Film Set District – From where you start, head straight down the street, past the entrance to the farm, which will be on your left. You see a trailer with a Jimmy Carver Show poster on the outside. The toy will be on the table just outside the door.

Roswell – All Max Toys in Wolfenstein 2

  1. Downtown District – On the opposite side of the street to the gas station, there is a shop called ‘Klasse’. Inside the window to the left of the Liesel poster, behind the metal bars, you see the toy.
  2. Underground District – Once you reach the area with two Commanders, one will be in a control room on the ground floor. The toy is on the console in the other control room, opposite where the commander is located.

That is where you’ll find all of Max’s toys in Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. For more tips, tricks and guides, check back with Twinfinite.

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