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Wild West Online: How to Pick Locks


Wild West Online: How to Pick Locks

Get believin’ in thievin’.

How to Pick Locks in Wild West Online

Nothing is safe in the wild west, and treasured possessions are often stashed away in locked chests. Picking these locks isn’t terribly difficult, but you’ve got a time limit to complete the task, and doubtless there are some folks around who won’t exactly be approving of your actions.

In order to do this, you’ll first have to acquire a lock pick set. Once you begin picking the lock, a screen will appear with a timer and a set of tumblers. Hold the left mouse button to push these tumblers up one at a time. Once the tumbler turns green, press W to move on to the next one. When you have completed all of these, the chest will fly open, and you will be able to reap the rewards.

It’s important to note that thievery is frowned on, and your reputation will take a major hit every time you bust into one of these chests. They are assured to contain valuable items, but you will also gain a short-term Wanted status, making it a risky proposition when you’re visiting a safe town. The decision whether or not to pick locks can often come down to what kind of route you’re hoping for your character to take, morally.

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