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Wild West Online Is Now Available to Play in Early Access


Wild West Online Is Now Available to Play in Early Access

We’re goin’ straight to the wild, wild west.

The Red Dead Redemption-esque Wild West Online was previously making the rounds on the internet as what many viewed as early screens of Red Dead Redemption 2. Fortunately, that turned out not to be the case, and an early example of everyone jumping the gun, hoping for an earlier look at Rockstar’s latest.

Following a closed alpha, the western-themed MMORPG is now back on the market again with a less limited early acccess build for everyone to jump into. It’s available for anyone who wans to get involved now, with most of the content that will be in the final version available and more to come at a later date.

You can test out the progression system, customization, and certain quests, as well as some light PvP. However, the full experience won’t be available until the game leaves early access on Steam. Right now, you’ll be playing the game via the launcher the developer has provided, and there are three different versions to choose from. All include a Steam key for when the game comes to the platform, but until then you’ll be playing outside the Steam ecosystem.

If you like what you see, hopefully there won’t be too much longer to wait until Wild West Online exits early access and you can get started playing the real thing.


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