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Wild West Online: How to Get Beaver Pelts


Wild West Online: How to Get Beaver Pelts

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How to Get Beaver Pelts in Wild West Online

In the early stages of the game, it may not be immediately apparent how to locate small animals that you need to complete quests. This is because you will not see them freely roaming the plains, and instead must coax them out with animal traps.

Animal traps can be found in chests scattered around the map, and will likely be made available to purchase in the shop in a later update (they are always sold out in the game’s present state). Animal traps can be set outside of safe areas, and will last for 20 minutes. In this time, you will be able to acquire loot from it every three minutes.

The loot yielded seems largely random at this point, though beaver-related items do not drop as commonly as their squirrel or rabbit equivalents. To further complicate things, you are more likely to acquire meat from the traps than you are to find pelts. Considering the scarcity of traps, acquiring the necessary amount of beaver pelts can therefore become a lengthy process.

Doubtless as the game progresses from the alpha stage of development, loot drops and trap acquisition will become a less cumbersome task.

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