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Ubisoft CEO Thinks Next Console Generation at Least Two Years Away


Ubisoft CEO Thinks Next Console Generation at Least Two Years Away

Still plenty of life left in the current generation.

Talking in a call to investors, Ubisoft CEO, Yves Guillemot, stated that he did not believe the next generation of PlayStation and Xbox consoles would arrive for a “minimum of two years”.

With the first half of the financial year over, publishers are beginning to review key statistics with investors from the period. In the case of Ubisoft, the commercial boom of the Nintendo Switch has resulted in a healthy return, making relevant the discussion of future consoles, too. Guillemot said that he felt it would not make any sense to release a new console in the near future because of the recent launch of the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. Although, speaking candidly, he admitted to having no concrete evidence to support that notion.

Notably, Guillemot also praised the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, stating:

“We really like the fact that Sony and Microsoft are really putting more power in their machines, using the evolution of technology to give power to our developers to create better games for our players,” he said. “That is going in the right direction rather than trying to do accessories or other things. That is going to help the industry a lot because the games will be really beautiful on those machines.”

If Guillemot’s prediction is correct, that would mean holiday season 2019 is the soonest we’d see a PS5 or the next iteration of Xbox One. Would that also then mean anticipated titles such as Final Fantasy VII Remake and Cyberpunk 2077 would delay until the next generation?

The Xbox One X recently released at retail. You can check out our review of the console here.


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