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Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Xbox One Headset Review


Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Xbox One Headset Review

A significant step-up at a fair price.

Turtle Beach’s Stealth 600 Xbox One Headset Review

Turtle Beach, one of the most well-known headset manufactures for gamers, continues their efforts this year with the Stealth 600 wireless headphones for the Xbox One. We had the opportunity to give it a go while preparing for our Xbox One X review and overall, found it to be a worthy pickup if you’re looking for something that’s a step up from the basic headset you get with an Xbox One.

The number one thing I appreciated about Turtle Beach’s Stealth 600 was the simplicity of getting it set up. All you need to do is sync it to the Xbox One like you would your controller and you’re off and running. There’s nothing else to it. No base station or adapters needed. Within 60 seconds of taking it out of its box, I had it on my head and listening to my Xbox One’s audio. The only cable it comes with is a charging cable for when it gets low on battery. I personally hate clutter around my console, and the simplicity/convenience of just easily syncing it up to the Xbox One is a huge perk.

Turtle Beach’s Stealth 600 headset is also quite comfortable. You can adjust the headset to fit your ears better, like just about any other modern headset. It’s stiff while adjusting, so it’s not always easy to get it the way that you want it. However, once you get it just right, it sits very comfortable over your ears. Some headsets will make your ears sore after wearing it for a while, but the Stealth 600 remained comfortable. I played for hours on end with the Stealth 600 on my head while covering the Xbox One X, and never felt the desire to take it off because I was getting sore. Also, the Stealth 600 features what Turtle Beach calls “Unique ProSpecs”, which is designed to remove pressure on your glasses while you play. I imagine this also factored into how comfortable I found the Stealth 600 because I likewise never noticed any pain/pressure while wearing my glasses and using the headset. I’ll reiterate, if comfort is important to you, the Stealth 600 definitely excels in this regard.

Sound wise though the Stealth 600 is just so-so. There are three different audio options to give your game’s audio some more oopmh, but even with those on, I felt that the audio was lacking some punch. It wasn’t bad, and I’ve certainly heard worse, but even with the game audio cranked all the way up, the audio was noticeably lower quality than what you would hear on other higher-end headsets including ones from within the Turtle Beach product family.

The Bluetooth connection for the most part was solid but it did occasionally cut in and out. I can’t verify if that had something to do with my environment or if it’s an issue with the headset itself, but it did happen. It wasn’t so often that it negatively impacted my experience, but it was enough that it’s worth at least mentioning in case that’s something that’s a problem for you with other devices.

Voice chat with other players though is completely fine. The issues I had with the low game audio, didn’t creep into the the voice chat. I heard players loud and clear and likewise they heard me just fine too. Turtle Beach’s Stealth 600 headset features a separate volume for chat audio that you can tinker with as well, as is the case with most modern headsets, and features a flip-up microphone that automatically mutes when upright (aka not in front of your mouth) which is pretty neat.

The Stealth 600 isn’t a perfect headset, but it does have a particular set of skills that would make it attractive to buyers depending on what you’re looking for. If you want a headset for the Xbox One that is a significant step up from what comes with the console, the Stealth 600 is certainly that. If you’re looking for something that’s fairly affordable ($99), very easy to use and set up, is super comfy, and you’re also not someone that needs to have the best possible audio experience, then the Stealth 600 is a great choice. If you’re an audiophile though, and need high quality sound, then we would suggest going for something a little more high-end to fill your needs.

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