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This Bloodborne Enemy Hadn’t Been Seen Since a 2014 Presentation


This Bloodborne Enemy Hadn’t Been Seen Since a 2014 Presentation

Players thought they’d never see this enemy again.

Some Bloodborne players have ended up uncovering an enemy that everyone thought had been removed from the game. That’s a pretty insane turn of events, especially since no one had been expecting to see it in the game anywhere. You can even see it yourself, if you want to put a little bit of time in.

Originally, the enemy was shown off during game director Hidetaka Miyazaki’s game demo of Bloodborne during the PlayStation Experience 2014 event. The demo was showcasing the game’s Chalice Dungeons mode, or a set of procedurally-generated dungeons that offer different enemies, layouts, etc. The enemy in question was shown, with arm-blades, and one on fire. It was unique from the rest of the enemies shown, and since then no one had really heard a peep of it, until now.

The enemy was assumed to have been cut from the game, but this weekend a game seed from KolbrotKommander spawned the enemy, which was found in Depth 4 of the Curse and Defiled Root Chalice. You can see how it all went down in the video below.

If you’re interested in checking out the enemy for yourself, use the Glyph “pa6ssc6u.” What other “secret” content could Bloodborne be hiding? Who knows? Let’s get to exploring!


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