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The Truth Is Out There in The X-Files: Deep State


The Truth Is Out There in The X-Files: Deep State

Take the weirdness with you on the go.

The X-Files is coming back in a semi-big way in terms of gaming. It’s not getting a triple-A release or anything, which would be too awesome, but it’s seeing a mobile/Facebook title resurgence in the form of The X-Files: Deep State. That could be a good thing or a very, very bad thing. Unfortunately all we really have to judge what kind of game it could be right now is a very small clip.

You’ll take on the role of Agent Dale as you work to uncover the truth behind spooky and mysterious crimes that seemingly have no explanation. In what looks like something of a blend between hidden object games and Phoenix Wright titles, you’ll play through your “own” episodes of The X-Files as they play out.

There’s not a lot to go on right now as far as what the game will include, but you can head to the official site today for some additional clues on what might be happening in the game. Hopefully Agent Mulder or Scully will make an appearance. They’d almost have to in any X-Files property, after all.


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