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8 Nintendo Switch Ports We’d Rather See Before L.A. Noire


8 Nintendo Switch Ports We’d Rather See Before L.A. Noire

Where’s that Smash Bros. port, Nintendo?

Final Fantasy XV

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Final Fantasy XV’s director Hajime Tabata has gone on the record to say that his team over at Square Enix has already considered porting the next installment in the long-running series to Nintendo’s Switch. Unfortunately, though, there’s still currently no confirmed release date. Yet the fact that the game has seen the light of day on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and is set to release both on mobile devices and on PC soon is surely a good sign. It perhaps indicates that the publisher is interested in exploring the potential of porting Final Fantasy XV content to as many platforms as possible.

We absolutely love the notion of exploring and hunting for treasure across the expansive landscape of Eos while traveling in real life, too. The hybrid functionality of the Switch would be well suited to Final Fantasy XV’s open-world structure. Side quests and Hunts would be the perfect bite-sized distractions for on-the-go gaming, while bigger main quests could be left for the big screen back home. Here’s hoping that Tabata and his team are able to successfully fit XV’s massive world between the Switch’s Joy-Cons sooner rather than later.

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