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Super Lucky’s Tale’s Launch Trailer Is Just as Colorful as the Game


Super Lucky’s Tale’s Launch Trailer Is Just as Colorful as the Game

Good luck and have fun!

Microsoft and Playful Corporation’s Super Lucky’s Tale is coming to Xbox One and PC, and its launch trailer is just as delightful as the game. The adorable platformer follows the titular Lucky as he goes on a quest to rescue the Book of Ages from the evil villain Jinx, who’s out on a rampage to take over the world and shape it how he wishes.

A colorful and playful adventure with plenty of feline characters, expansive levels, and plenty of challenge missions to complete, Lucky’s Tale is an adventure that taps into the more positive side of gaming, hearkening back to the platforms of old. If you’re playing on Xbox One, the game will support Xbox Play Anywhere, so if you have to stop playing while on Xbox One, you can continue on a Windows 10 PC at another time, depending on where you start out at.

Super Lucky’s Tale is due to release on Xbox One and PC on Nov. 7 for $29.99, and if you’re intrigued, you can check out the launch trailer below. Beware, you may not be able to withstand how adorable Lucky is. Truly, he could be one of the best animated foxes out there. We’re looking at you, Tails.


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