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10 Things Star Wars Battlefront 2 Gets Right


10 Things Star Wars Battlefront 2 Gets Right

It’s not all bad, honest.

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Star Wars Battlefront 2 has problems, that’s common knowledge, with the loot boxes and micro-transaction issues completely overshadowing the launch of the game over the past week. It’s a damn shame too, because despite everyone’s agreement that it really should have been handled better, there’s plenty of things that it does get right. Whether it’s the little details hidden in the background or some much-needed adjustments from the first game, Star Wars fans in general can find plenty to like under the hood.

Note that those who have not played through the game yet should beware of spoilers as we take a look at 10 things Battlefront 2 gets right.

Officially nameless in the game, the ID10 Seeker Droid used by lead character Iden Versio steals the show in the opening scenes of the campaign. Hacking pretty much everything and zapping helpless Rebels are its main protocols, coming in handy when the going gets tough, but when you’re all done needing its services it also folds up into a cute little backpack!

For those unaware, the ID10 is the successor to the ID9, which appears rather frequently in the animated Star Wars: Rebels TV series. Besides the electro-shock prod it uses as its lone weapon, these little floating saucers also have the ability to mimic other protocol droids and can crawl around into tight spaces.

There are plenty of new characters in Battlefront 2, but ID10 stands out as but another droid that’s just as scene stealing as its predecessors. It also really needs a name, any suggestions?

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