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Star Wars Battlefront 2: How to Get All Collectibles


Star Wars Battlefront 2: How to Get All Collectibles


Star Wars Battlefront 2’s campaign is a space epic told across different corners of the galaxy. As you battle your way through each mission, there are hidden collectibles that can be found in the form of crates. These crates can be hacked by your droid companion. There are 23 in total, and though there is no achievement or trophy to be had for locating all of them, there is a reward to be had in the form of crafting parts. You can collect the resources from the main menu of Star Wars Battlefront 2, which can then be used to purchase Star Cards in the game’s multiplayer offering.

The location of these 23 collectibles are often hidden away and aren’t easy to find. Here’s how to get all the collectibles in Star Wars Battlefront 2.

Mission 1: The Cleaner

Collectible 1 – Star Wars Battlefront 2

At the start of the mission once you’ve taken out the Rebel and have control of your new droid companion, turn right and you’ll see a crate that you can order it to Slice.

Collectible 2 – Star Wars Battlefront 2

When you exit the second ventilation shaft, head through the lower area full of computer banks to find the crate on top of some boxes.

Collectible 3 – Star Wars Battlefront 2

After you’ve taken out the Rebels with your pistol, take a left and go along the walkway, then left again into a corridor to find the crate.

Mission 2: The Battle of Endor

Collectible 4 – Star Wars Battlefront 2

At the start of the mission, make your way through the rubble, sticking to the right-hand side. Head towards the destroyed AT-AT Walker with the red ELIMINATE target on it. Underneath it, you’ll find the crate.

Collectible 5 – Star Wars Battlefront 2

Once you have ambushed the Red Patrol and eliminated them, approach the bunker door and open it. You’ll find a crate inside.

Collectible 6 – Star Wars Battlefront 2

Once you’ve defeated the large group of Rebels by the crashed ship, turn left in front of it to find a path leading to another imperial bunker. Inside you’ll find another crate.

Collectible 7 – Star Wars Battlefront 2

After clearing the Rebels at the base of Platform 4, go around the back and look under the stairs for the crate before heading to the upper level.

Collectible 8 – Star Wars Battlefront 2

At the end of the upper level, you’ll find yourself on a landing pad. Your Tie-Fighter awaits, but before you go to it, walk toward the destroyed X-Wing to find a crate around the back.

Mission 3: The Dauntless

Collectible 9 – Star Wars Battlefront 2

When you land in the hangar and take out the first wave of enemies, head towards the exit in the smaller side hanger but as you do so, look up to the right and you’ll spot a crate up in the rafters right in the corner.

Collectible 10 – Star Wars Battlefront 2

Once you arrive in the control room that houses the terminals to destroy the power cores, drop to the lower level and head underneath the main platform to find the crate.

Mission 5: The Storm

Collectible 11 – Star Wars Battlefront 2

The crate can be found in the courtyard with the statue of Admiral Versio, just before you reach Gleb. Search the area to the left that’s stacked with crates, and you’ll find the Hidden Item crate on top of the rest.

Collectible 12 – Star Wars Battlefront 2

You will reach a road with four Stormtroopers and a Heavy patrolling. Head toward the large gate on your left to find the Hidden Item collectible crate on the righthand side.

Collectible 13 – Star Wars Battlefront 2

From the last collectible, turn right and go toward your current objective. Instead of going through the gate, turn right and look to the structure in the water below. The crate is at the base of the fuel container. Send your droid to Slice it.

Collectible 14 – Star Wars Battlefront 2

After you have climbed out of the X-Wing, head all the way to the end of the long platform. The crate will be on your left, just past a set of stairs.

Mission 8: Under Covered Skies

Collectible 15 – Star Wars Battlefront 2

Following your battle with the TIE Fighter, exit the tower and you’ll see another TIE Fighter docked in front of you. Turn right to find a collectible crate stacked on top of two containers along the wall.

Collectible 16 – Star Wars Battlefront 2

After retrieving the rocket launcher that you’ll need to defeat the ATS-Walker, keep going forward from that location. You will see two TIE fighters docked, each with only a single wing. The crate is on the walkway above the TIE Fighter on the right side.

Collectible 17 – Star Wars Battlefront 2

Once you’ve defeated the AT-ATs, you’ll hear a prompt to retreat. Before doing so, check inside a small container just to the left of the evac zone to find a crate.

Collectible 18 – Star Wars Battlefront 2

Once you’re back on the ground, and have taken down the TIE Fighter and are prompted to plant the detonators, head all the way to the back of the area, and you’ll be able to see crate just above you.

Mission 5: The Battle of Jakku

Collectible 19 – Star Wars Battlefront 2

After you first encounter two Jet Troopers straight ahead of you on the raised section, head down to the lower area on the right, and you’ll find the crate next to a burning wreck.

Collectible 20 – Star Wars Battlefront 2

The second crate is inside of the Star Destroyer, after climbing up a makeshift path. As soon as you’re on the walkway, look to the left of the computer console to find it.

Collectible 21 – Star Wars Battlefront 2

Not far from where your X-Wing lands, just over the dune in front of you is a circular hub structure. To the left of it is a wrecked supply shipping crate. Head inside, and you’ll find the level’s final crate.

Mission 11: Until Ashes

Collectible 22 – Star Wars Battlefront 2

By the last of the Star Destroyer’s main guns is a large piece of a crashed starship. On the right-hand side of it, nearest the guns, is the level’s first hidden crate.

Collectible 23 – Star Wars Battlefront 2

star wars battlefront 2

Just after you enter the Star Destroyer, look for a set of computers on your right as you make your way along the gangway. Behind a set of boxes is the mission’s second — and the campaign’s last — collectible crate.

That is how to find all the collectibles in Star Wars Battlefront 2. For more useful information and tips on the game, check out Twinfinite’s wiki page.

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