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South Park Phone Destroyer: How to Change Outfits


South Park Phone Destroyer: How to Change Outfits

Here is how to change between outfits in the real-time card battler South Park: Phone Destroyer, now available for iOS and Android devices.

How to Change Outfits in South Park: Phone Destroyer

In South Park: Phone Destroyer, you arrive to the sleepy Colorado town as the New Kid, who has the amazing power of always being on the phone. Cartman decides to harness that power for the make-believe war between cowboys, Indians, ninjas, and more that him and the other children are playing.

You start your adventure with a cowboy outfit, but will soon pick up more hats, shirts, and other costumes as you progress through the campaign. Pieces of gear can also be bought from the player versus player (PvP) shop, or earned by completing limited-time events.

To change your outfit after increasing your wardrobe, first tap on the phone icon in the upper-right corner of the main screen. The tap on the “Outfits” option to take you to your collection. On the right of the screen are two tabs to switch between your hats and shirts, while the circular artist palette button allows you to change the color or style for the article of clothing.

Simply tap and drag a hat or shirt to your avatar on the left, and it will be applied instantly. That is all it takes, but one thing to note is that outfits are only cosmetic. They do not provide any stat bonuses or special abilities to give you an advantage in battle.

That is how to change outfits in South Park: Phone Destroyer. Be sure to check back with Twinfinite for more coverage on the game.

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