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Sonic Forces: How to Change Hairstyles


Sonic Forces: How to Change Hairstyles

How to Change Hairstyles in Sonic Forces

There are a handful of customization options available for players in Sonic Forces. While the beginning of the customization process doesn’t offer much outside of selecting colors and victory animations, you will eventually see more options for gear come your way. As you race through Sonic Forces, you will unlock tons of new gear and even new Wispons. As you unlock this new content, you will find that character customization is about more than just looking as cool as possible. Different gear and species options come with different perks that will change how you might approach Sonic Forces. In addition to dressing your avatar up in different gear options, you will also have the ability to change hairstyles.

Of course, in this world of human-like animal characters, changing hairstyles deals more with changing ears than anything else. You can change the size of your ears, the shape of the ears, the ear placement and more depending on which species you selected.

While you are able to select from a few different hairstyle options in the beginning of the game, you won’t be able to change this choice once you have officially created your avatar. You can, however, make great use of the variety of upper head gear you’ll come across. The vast majority of hats and head gear in the game will override your hairstyle choices. So if you’re planning on dressing your avatar up in cool hats and other various headgear, you actually don’t need to think long about which hairstyle option you’d prefer to have in the game.

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