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SOMA Is Getting a Safe Mode That Is Free of All Those Spooky Monsters

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SOMA Is Getting a Safe Mode That Is Free of All Those Spooky Monsters

How do you like your SOMA? With or without monsters?

If you are one of the people that believes SOMA would be more enjoyable without the monsters running around, you are in luck. On Dec. 1, Frictional Games will be releasing a Safe Mode.

SOMA is a beloved PC game that was released by the makers of the Amnesia series. In it, you find yourself deep below the Atlantic Ocean. Much like with Amnesia, players will need to survive this intriguing world while struggling with who they even are.

Well, actually, soon you won’t be worrying about surviving. Although of course how scary the monsters of SOMA are is up to you and your horror threshold, even the gamers who love a good scare believe that the world and story of SOMA would be wonderful to explore without any enemies chasing you down and attacking you. In fact, the community has already made mods to make the baddies less hostile. But Frictional Games went a step beyond that and completely removed them from the game.

And the timing couldn’t be any more perfect as SOMA is set to release on Xbox One on Dec. 1, the same day this update will be made available for free on both Xbox and PC. Safe Mode will be coming to the PlayStation 4 as well but at a later time.

And if you think that turning the monsters off just isn’t the thing for you, you can always play SOMA how it was originally meant to be just fine.

SOMA is already available on PC, PlayStation 4, Mac, and Linux.

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