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Skyrim: How to Turn Off Motion Controls on Switch


Skyrim: How to Turn Off Motion Controls on Switch

Aiming with extra precision.

How to Turn Off Motion Controls in Skyrim on Nintendo Switch

With Skyrim being ported to the Switch, you can bet that this version of the game comes packed with motion controls and gesture attacks. If you enjoy playing the game with the Joy-Cons detached, this can be a pretty fun way to explore the world of Tamriel, but if you’d rather have a more traditional gaming experience, you can turn off the motion controls as well. Thankfully.

To do this, go to the options menu by pressing the + button on the Switch, then head to the Settings tab. Select the Gameplay option under the Settings tab and look for the check boxes marked for Motion Controls and Gestures. Make sure both boxes are unchecked, and you won’t have to deal with these pesky controls anymore in Skyrim. You’ll now be able to enjoy Skyrim with a traditional controller layout like on consoles and PC.

The motion controls are actually fairly useful for players who enjoy using a bow, as it can give you an extra bit of accuracy and precision while aiming, but it can be a hindrance in other areas, so we advise turning it off.

Be sure to check back with Twinfinite for more information on Skyrim on Switch.

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