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Sims 4 PS4 & Xbox One: How to Change Walls (Height, Size, etc.)


Sims 4 PS4 & Xbox One: How to Change Walls (Height, Size, etc.)

How to Change Walls (Height, Size, etc.) in The Sims 4 on Consoles (PS4 & Xbox One)

The Sims 4 on consoles will allow a whole new group of gamers to experience all the fun of the game. Even so, old fans of the game will find a whole new gameplay experience. With the controls having been changed to accommodate the PS4 or Xbox One, there’s a whole lot of questions now. Here’s how to change the walls in your household so you can see through them in a variety of ways, just like you can on PC.

It’s incredibly simple to cycle through the layout for the walls. Just press the left button on the d-pad (or control pad) and you’ll be able to cycle on through the different walls. One is with walls fully up (perfect for nice pictures), another is for walls to only be visible when you’re facing it in a certain way, and the last one eliminates the walls entirely (allowing you to see the whole house easily from wherever).

That’s all there is to changing the walls in The Sims 4 on PS4 and Xbox One. If you need any other help with the game, be sure to leave us a comment below asking. We’ll try our best to answer it!

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