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6 The Sims 4 Expansion Packs We Want to See Next


6 The Sims 4 Expansion Packs We Want to See Next

Shut up and take my Simoleons.

University Life

The University Life expansion pack brought college life and tons of millennial-focused features to The Sims 3 back in 2013 and we’re crossing our fingers that The Sims 4 will get the college treatment next. University Life introduced new features like the PlantSim life state, Sims University as a new world when you enroll, a smartphone, and a college sub-neighborhood all while giving your Sims the chance to start a career as a video game developer, art appraiser, or sports agent.

It would be nice to see all this content make a return in The Sims 4 while also building on the Sims University world by adding more than one college choice. At the very least, it would be interesting to see two university options — one that is a party-heavy state college and perhaps a second that creates the stuffy feel of an Ivy League. Another new feature that would be great for a new University Life pack would be adding the ability to see Teen Sims actually attend graduation when they finish high school.

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