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Rocket League Switch: Is There Crossplay (PS4, Xbox One, PC)?


Rocket League Switch: Is There Crossplay (PS4, Xbox One, PC)?

Is There Crossplay for Rocket League On the Nintendo Switch (PS4, Xbox One, PC)?

Rocket League for the Nintendo Switch is out in the wild and fans have a whole new platform to pull off sick trick shots and play pretend car soccer on. The original was a blast, and the Switch port, while not perfect, is still really fun.

While the Switch is doing just fine sales wise, some fans still might be worrying that the launch-time player base might be small, which may end up with players either getting into games that are unbalanced skill wise, or having to endure long waits in-between games. Luckily though, that isn’t the case!

The Nintendo Switch version of Rocket League does in fact have crossplay with Xbox One and PC. So you never have to worry about being isolated from players on other platforms. That being said, there is no crossplay with the PlayStation 4 version of the game. Sony has been a little dodgy about allowing crossplay features with the Xbox One in particular, although it does allow it with PC in some games. So for now, only Xbox One and PC can be crossplayed with the Nintendo Switch version.

That does it for whether or not there is crossplay for Rocket League on the Nintendo Switch. Be sure to search Twinfinite for your Rocket League guide needs!

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