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Razer Basilisk FPS Gaming Mouse Review

Razer Basilisk

Razer Basilisk FPS Gaming Mouse Review

A mouse for the FPS fans out there.

Razer Basilisk FPS Gaming Mouse Review

There is so much noise out there about gaming equipment that claim to make you a “better gamer.” There are plenty of companies out there that find creative ways to hype up simple features such as extra buttons/keys to comical levels. That said, the Razer Basilisk mouse, designed for FPS fans, is one of the few devices that genuinely live up to that hype. Its features stand out, and will be helpful for not just hardcore players that have to have every edge possible, but also casual players that want to play above their skill level and improve.

There’s a lot going on with the Razer Basilisk, but let’s start with the ability to quickly and easily adjust your mouse sensitivity (DPI) on the fly. There are two small buttons located underneath the scroll button, and well, it does exactly as what I just said. At any given moment, you can adjust your mouse sensitivity to be as high, or low, as you like. You can have your mouse flying around like a madman, or bring it to a near screeching halt. For me personally, I’m not a FPS expert, and I tend to prefer to play on the default sensitivity. That said, sometimes I like to keep my head on a swivel in certain tenser situations where I’m unsure where my enemies are coming from, and I enjoyed the freedom to temporarily (and easily) crank it up a tad.

Also, another really neat feature that the Razer Basilisk has, is the DPI clutch side button that is situated near where you would normally rest your thumb. It can be programmed to do whatever you want, but I found it helpful for temporarily lowering the DPI to line up precision shots. It’s removable, so you can swap it out if you don’t like it, but it never got in my way or annoyed me while it wasn’t being used.

The mouse overall is exceptionally comfortable. I’m admittedly not a huge PC gamer, but I do dabble. So my number one priority is just comfort in long sessions of stuff like StarCraft II, Civilization VI, Overwatch, or whatever else I’m playing at any given moment. I had been using a Razer DeathAdder Classic for years now and have been a very satisfied customer. That said, even if you’re someone like me that shies away from super-fancy peripherals, the Razer Basilisk is very ergonomic and comfy, at least for me, a guy with big hands. The Razer Basilisk fits perfectly in my hand, and my thumb sits snug on a nice-feeling rubber rest near that DPI clutch that I mentioned above (see featured image for a better idea), and two other programmable side buttons.

Finally, the Razer Basilisk features the ability to also adjust the sensitivity of the mouse scroll. Underneath the mouse lies a dial that you can use to increase/decrease the resistance of the mouse scroll button. Again, it’s another feature that I didn’t know I wanted until I had it. I can see how pros and hardcore FPS fans can min/max the resistance to customize stuff like weapon selection speed to their liking, and even though I’m not going to be playing in any world tournaments any time soon, I’ll certainly hang on the ability to do that too now that I can.

For the price the Razer Basilisk is an extremely impressive mouse, especially for FPS gamers. Even if you’re not into FPS games, you’ll likely find use out of features like the programmable clutch and the adjustable mouse scroll resistance. If you don’t care about any of that stuff at all, the Razer Basilisk is still a very comfortable and reliable mouse for $70 USD that is capable of giving you an edge in game, a feat that many peripheral companies claim, but not many live up to.

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