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Pokemon Go Set to Finally Fix Raid System

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Pokemon Go Set to Finally Fix Raid System

The return of Magikarp draws near.

According to a post made by Niantic on the mobile game’s official website today, some much-needed changes will be coming to popular title Pokemon Go soon which will see that players across the country are on level ground when it comes to the raid system, specifically EX Raids.

To start things off, the kinds of rewards for raid participation that players will receive will be different. Golden Razz Berries will be given out to those players that manage to complete raids, though the number of potions and revives awarded will decrease. This being said, each of the items will improve in quality and players will receive stardust just for taking part in a raid battle, regardless of whether or not they win or lose. The likelihood of getting fast and charged technical machines for tier 3+ raid battles has increased, too, and Magikarp are making a return to tier 1 battles.

Seeing as how EX Raids have now finished their test phase, all will be official from this point forward. These raids will take place at sponsored locations and only those trainers with a high-level gym badge will be invited to join. Rest assured that these battles will now take place during popular raid times, making it less likely that they will take place during the middle of the night or when most people are working. Even if an EX Raid winds up being canceled, stardust and premium raid passes will still be awarded.

Hopefully these changes will smooth out fan concessions, seeing that EX Raids become more popular in Pokemon Go in the future.

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