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12 PC Gaming Gift Ideas For the Holidays 2017


12 PC Gaming Gift Ideas For the Holidays 2017

The best goodies a PC gamer could desire.

PC gaming as a form of play is versatile and expansive. It’s not hyperbolic to state that no other gaming vehicle can match the depth of PCs, as users have access to innumerable titles at their fingertips through a variety of digital storefronts. Considering this and the fact that PC gaming always seems about two steps ahead of consoles in terms of technology, the allure of playing exclusively on the vehicle is clear. The following is a list of equipment that’s sure to please any hardcore PC gamer out there – just make sure this lucky person gets their eyes checked regularly.

Blue Yeti USB Microphone


The classic Blue Yeti USB microphone is an essential for any PC gamer looking to dip their toes into streaming or creating YouTube content. Perfect for Twitch, podcasting, voiceovers, interviews, Skype calls, music recording, and more, the Blue Yeti can be using for a wide variety of activities outside of gaming, too, making it a sound investment regardless of whether or not your gamer’s streaming career ends up being a success. The manufacturers behind the microphone are adding extra incentive to purchase this holiday too, bundling hit titles like Assassin’s Creed Origins with the device and allowing would-be stars the opportunity to jumpstart their work right away.

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