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Overwatch: Tips for How to Play Moira


Overwatch: Tips for How to Play Moira

Healing and hurting.

Moira is the latest Support hero to join Overwatch. Unlike the other characters under her role, she must rely on dealing damage to heal her allies. She might seem a little daunting to new players, so here are a few tips to help you learn the hero.

The first thing you should know about her kit is that she doesn’t have a reload per se. Instead, her healing beam has a meter that replenishes over time or if you use Decay. That said, use Decay if your meter is too low as the initial recharge rate is very slow. Take note that your healing spray has a short regen period, so don’t worry if you don’t really manage to top up your teammate. Try to find the balance between healing your team and causing damage.

Her Biotic Orb, on the other hand, is a rather interesting Overwatch ability. If most of your allies are on low health, you can send out the orb to help bolster your healing. Alternatively, Moira can also throw a Decay orb at the enemy while chasing them down to cause more damage. This skill works best in tight spaces like small rooms or corridors to make full use of the rebounding effect.

Meanwhile, her Fade ability acts as her main mobility tool. It’s a cross between Reaper’s Wraith Form and Tracer’s Blink, although you have full control over it. You might have to adjust with the speedy animation, but this Overwatch skill’s main advantage is its unpredictability. Enemies won’t see where you teleport to, hence why you can also use Fade offensively as a flanking tool. You should also try fading around corners to keep enemies off guard.

Finally, her ultimate ability, Coalescence, acts as a great initiator. Activate the ability if you want to push in a choke point, but make sure to keep Moira near the back lines. That way, you can both damage your enemies and heal any critical allies in front of you. Don’t underestimate the Coalescence’s damage output as it’s pretty powerful.

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