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No, Overwatch Hero Moira Hasn’t Been Nerfed on the PTR

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No, Overwatch Hero Moira Hasn’t Been Nerfed on the PTR

Just a little experiment.

Moira has been on the Overwatch live servers for less than a week and fans have already begun freaking out over her supposed nerf on the PTR. Fans noticed that they needed to actually aim her reticle at her target for the beam to actually latch on, which is a bit less forgiving than her current state on the servers.

Thankfully, Blizzard has responded to the Overwatch issue and confirmed that they haven’t nerfed the hero. The whole issue is just a bug on their part as they are testing some sort of new lock on system. They are trying to make it easier for Moira players to pick out enemies when multiple targets are in the field of view. As it stands, her beam is pretty finicky because of its weak latching.

“Since it wasn’t our intention to do anything but improve Moira’s targeting, we’re hoping to test a new configuration on the PTR either late this week or early next,” lead engineer Tim Ford wrote on the official forums.

All that said, Moira is doing pretty well on the live servers. She’s a stable Support hero that can deal some decent damage when she needs to. You can play as her now by downloading the recent Overwatch patch.


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