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New Overwatch Map Blizzard World Coming in Early 2018

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New Overwatch Map Blizzard World Coming in Early 2018

Everyone loves a good theme park

BlizzCon 2017 brought tons of pleasant surprises for Overwatch fans. Whether you were hoping for a new animated short, a new map, or a new hero to join the cast, Blizzard came prepared by showing off one of each. The latest map will pay homage to many of the great titles under Blizzard’s belt by creating an entire theme park dedicated to all things Blizzard. Blizzard World will come to Overwatch in early 2018 but director Jeff Kaplan promises that the new map will hit PTR “very, very soon.”

Blizzard World will be a hybrid map, which players will have to attack or defend a control point and then also escort or stop a payload. As you’d expected a Blizzard theme park, there are plenty of attractions that all make clear references to the likes of Hearthstone, StarCraft, Heroes of the Storm and more.

In all honesty, the main disappointment so far is the simple fact that Blizzard World currently only exists as an Overwatch map. With the cult-like following behind the vast majority of Blizzard’s games, a theme doesn’t seem like too bad of an idea.

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