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New Spirit-Wielding ARMS Fighter Teased Via Twitter


New Spirit-Wielding ARMS Fighter Teased Via Twitter

Some grainy footage shows off a unique kind of fighter.

The official Japanese ARMS Twitter account has dropped some footage for a brand new character coming to the 3D fighting game.

While it is quite difficult to decipher the zoomed out footage, there are a few things we can infer from the video and the tweet. The phrase “obake mitai na” (オバケみたいな) means “it’s similar to obake,” which is a type of yokai or ghost.

Twitter user GamingAvalon speculates that “the glowing body is a yokai covering it. When he shields, he dispenses the glowing spirit with an outward fireball. He sits and charges and his body gets covered by the spirit again.”

The video does appear to show something projecting from the mystery fighter. It looks like this new character is going to have quite a unique fighting style. Hopefully it shouldn’t be too long until the character is fully unveiled, and we can learn more about him. Currently, all additional content for ARMS has been released for free; once he’s released, you’ll be able to play as him at no additional cost.


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