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Monster Hunter World Beta Details Revealed

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Monster Hunter World Beta Details Revealed

Three monsters await testing.

Monster Hunter World is all set for its upcoming beta test phase, and now further details have come to light as to what the beta will entail.

The PS4 exclusive demo will allow both single player and four player monster hunting across two different quest areas with three monsters to discover. The Great Forest will be home to two such monsters, GJagras and Anjanath, whilst Barroth awaits you in the Wildspire Waste. Keep in mind, you’ll need a PS Plus account in order to access the demo on your PS4.

As with previous entries in the series, Monster Hunter World tasks you with either killing or capturing monsters of various types, heights and abilities. Your character can be decked out in various armour pieces and weaponry that can help you with your task. Where things differ begins with the more open world experience, where zones have been replaced with far larger world to explore and more complex ecosystems within them. It’s suggested the experience of hunting will be far faster now than existing Monster Hunter titles, specifically when it comes to exploring and finding your target.

The timed demo will be available for three days from Dec. 9th, with the full release of Monster Hunter World scheduled for Jan. 26th on PS4 and Xbox One with a later release on PC. So far there’s no indication as to if a future beta test will appear beyond the PS4.

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