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Marvel Heroes Omega Has Now Been Taken Offline

Marvel Heroes Omega

Marvel Heroes Omega Has Now Been Taken Offline

Good night, sweet prince.

Not too long ago, we discovered that Disney would be shutting down Gazillion Entertainment’s free-to-play Marvel Heroes Omega title. However, despite the fact that the game would soon be shutting down, it was announced that the game would be open at least a little longer, then closing on Dec. 31. Unfortunately, it now seems that the game has been taken offline a month ahead of schedule, and is now unavailable on any platform.

A tweet from the official Marvel Heroes Omega Twitter account announced the sad news yesterday afternoon:

It’s been reported by Massively OP that the staff had all been let go at Gazillion Entertainment, without receiving PTO, severance pay, or further instructions on what to do about insurance coverage, which was coming to an end right before Thanksgiving. It’s unknown currently why the plug was pulled ahead of schedule, but this is certainly a frustrating turn of events for both players and those involved with the making of the game.


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