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Halo 5: Guardians Update Adds Xbox One X Support and Tweaks Some Weapons

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Halo 5: Guardians Update Adds Xbox One X Support and Tweaks Some Weapons

The new patch is out today.

Two years past release, Halo 5: Guardians gets one of its biggest updates. The patch aims at the game’s graphics, adds old-new modes, and re-balances several weapons.

Even though Xbox One X sales start on Nov. 7, 343 Industries and Microsoft are already prepared. Halo 5 is promising to look “better than ever” with the 4K UHD support, thanks to the console’s boosted specs.

The game is also getting slightly more social. Oddball is back, both as a Team and Free-for-all mode, with new medals and a Skull. “Join in Progress” rules are improved to make sure that the Social playlists do not depend “on the remaining score to victory, score differences between teams in a match, and time remaining in the match.”

The changes in weapons are, as stated by 343 Industries, somewhat controversial. The full list includes:

  • Assault Rifle: roughly 19% decrease in DPS, more bonus damage for headshots
  • Battle Rifle: slower fire rate, more dispersed bullet grouping
  • Beam Rifle: reduced hip-shot effectiveness
  • Carbine: lower red-reticle range, loosened bullet grouping
  • DMR: increased long-range efficiency, slight decrease of rate of fire, requires more precise manual aim
  • Energy Sword: a new “Relic Sword” version added with no 20% movement speed and quicker readying and switching animation
  • Frag Grenade: 25% drop of blast radius
  • Fuel Rod Cannon: the projectile’s velocity is down by 6% and its trajectory is now more rocket-like
  • Grenade Launcher: slower projectiles, decreased blast radius
  • Gunfighter Magnum: expanded magazine (18 rounds), 25% increase in base damage, decreased accuracy
  • Rail Gun: longer charge time, doubled charge hold
  • SMG: a slight drop in red-reticle-range, accuracy, base and headshot damage
  • Splinter Grenade: initial explosive damaged reduced, while splinters are made more injurious
  • Active Camo: invisible opponents are harder to see

In addition, scoring in Assault mode will trigger explosive damage and the ball carrier will be denied of the double thrust. In Forge, apart from the added Relic Sword, there will be entries for the new GunFighter Flagnum. You can see a complete list of Halo 5 updates in this blog post. For more details on weapon tuning, head to a massive report by 343.

This post was originally written by Olga Ivanova.

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