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The 5 Most Epic Gaming Mistakes of 2017


The 5 Most Epic Gaming Mistakes of 2017

Yup, Battlefront II is on here.

Atlus Threatens to Ban Persona 5 Streamers

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What a time to be alive. 2017 marks one of the best years for gaming so far, with hits like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and Assassin’s Creed Origins all making a prominent impact that fans of the industry will no doubt feel for years to come. That nbeing said, 2017 wasn’t without its shortcomings, as some developers and publishers made mistakes in trying to appease hardcore audiences while keeping stakeholders at bay. The following is a list of the most egregious mistakes the industry committed this year.

When Persona 5 released in April this year, publisher Atlus set some rules and guidelines for fans to abide by when streaming game content online. Though seemingly innocuous at a glance, people who showed any gameplay of the title past the date of July 7 ran the risk of having their account suspended due to a copyright strike made by the company. Atlus went so far as to disable the PlayStation 4’s social and sharing capabilities for the game too in an attempt to keep control over would-be broadcasters.

Fans and streamers were outraged by the decision, and fans rallied together against the move on popular gaming websites and on Atlus’ very own social media channels. The response was so overwhelmingly negative that the company ultimately felt the need to reevaluate its position on the topic, allowing people to play up until November 19 now without worry. Despite the change of heart, Atlus did mention that it was “surprised” that fans were so adamantly against the initial rules and guidelines, which is a bit odd concerning how in-touch the company seems to be with the public in other areas.

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