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Final Fantasy XV Comrades: How to Get Better Weapons


Final Fantasy XV Comrades: How to Get Better Weapons

How to Get Better Weapons in Final Fantasy XV: Comrades

Final Fantasy XV: Comrades lets you create your very own avatar to battle the daemons threatening the world. The equipment you have will be especially important, and will help give you a boost when undertaking those particularly tough quests or battles. There’s a wide array of weapons to use in the game, and you’ll want to make each one stronger. Here’s how to do that.

To get more weapons than just the katana and knives you start with in Final Fantasy XV: Comrades, you’ll want to hit up the weapon shop in Lestallum, or in other outposts later on. This shop is marked by the little sword icon, and you can buy many different weapons like a shield, shuriken, crossbow, and more. You can equip up to four weapons at any one time, and you’ll have the ability to upgrade each once you unlock Cid’s remodeling bench. To do that, follow the main story until it has you restoring power via the map to Lestallum. The little power plant icon next to where you pick up quests is the desk you want to go to in order to restore power.

Once you’re on the power map just select the remodeling bench, if you have enough kW, and you’ll have unlocked access to it. At the bench, you can use the various items and loot you’ve picked up from missions to level up your weapons, all the way up to level 30, enhancing their power in the process.

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