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FIFA 18: How to Score Downward Headers


FIFA 18: How to Score Downward Headers

How to Score Downward Headers in FIFA 18

There are many ways to put the ball in the back of the net in FIFA 18. Finesse shots, chipped shots, or just standard hit and hopes are all options, each of which has their own button input. As you may have seen from a recent Ultimate Team Weekly Objective, or from a trophy/achievement, you can score Downward Headers if you know how to.

Downward Headers are scored in a similar way to how you score low driven shots. What you have to do is press the shoot button twice before your player connects with the ball. That button is circle or B depending on the platform you are using, and pressing it twice when you’re about to head the ball towards the goal should see a Downward Header be performed.

It can work with any kind of header but, in my experience, it works better when you’re closer to the goal because it gives the goalkeeper less time to react, just as it would in a real match. If you try it from corners or from quick crosses in a busy penalty box, you might have some luck.

That is how you score a Downward Header in FIFA 18. For more on the game, check out our extensive wiki guide.

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