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EA Won’t Release More Games for Switch Until It Fully Understands Demand

Nintendo Switch

EA Won’t Release More Games for Switch Until It Fully Understands Demand

FIFA 18 will be the last game on the console until March.

Wall Street Journal reporter Sarah E. Needleman has stated that publisher Electronic Arts, otherwise known as EA, will be waiting for Nintendo’s Switch to exist on the market for one year before deciding whether or not to release more games on the platform aside from FIFA 18.

This news comes by way of EA CFO Blake Jorgensen, who acknowledges that because the Switch released only last March and FIFA 18 only released on the platform in late September, it’s too early to judge whether or not the resources needed to develop on the platform are worth the investment. The company, according to him, wants “to fully understand what the demand is.”

Despite EA’s stance on the issue, other third parties have already begun releasing games on the platform including Bethesda, whose Doom port is set to release on the Switch in just a couple of days. The recently launched sequel to Wolfenstein: The New Order titled Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus is set to debut on the console next year too, bringing with it an wide array of accolades from both major gaming outlets and fans.

Given the fact that sales for other companies seem to be doing well on the Switch, the company’s stance is a bit odd. That being said, the decision could be wise given what investors think internally about current financial returns.

In other news from EA, the company has announced today during its quarterly conference call that Titanfall 2 still sold well despite performing lower than expectations. Could fans one day witness the next Titanfall running on a Switch? It remains to be seen, though the prospect does sound exciting.

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