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EA May Not Release Madden and Other Sports Titles Annually Anymore


EA May Not Release Madden and Other Sports Titles Annually Anymore

Say it ain’t so Joe!

Are you one of the gamers that picks up the new Madden every year? What about EA’s other sports titles? Well, soon there may be another option for you and other sports fans.

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Andrew Wilson of EA discussed the future of their annual sports titles and the possibility that they may not be annual releases in the near future.

There’s a world where it gets easier and easier to move that code around — where we may not have to do an annual release.

Instead of dishing out $60 every summer for the latest line-up of EA’s sports titles, games like Madden may find themselves as part of a new service.

Wilson didn’t give any details as to when this could be happening, or even if it would, for sure, be the future of EA. However it seems to be something that is being seriously considered. After all, aside from roster changes and a few new or updated modes here and there, the mechanics of the game stay essentially the same.

But this change wouldn’t just be made to keep gamers from needing to purchase a new disc. It’s also a way to ensure that the EA titles stay relevant. Wilson went on in his interview to say that, “The greatest disruptor to the consumption of entertainment media in the last five years has been the combination of streaming plus subscription.” So in order to compete, and keep people buying into games like Madden, they may soon be opting out of the annual release program in favor of a subscription service and digital updates.


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