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Dissidia Final Fantasy Is Getting a New Playable Arcade Character


Dissidia Final Fantasy Is Getting a New Playable Arcade Character

More Final Fantasy favorites to fight foes.

There’s a new playable character coming to the arcade version of Dissidia Final Fantasy. The reveal will come by way of a live stream currently scheduled for Nov. 7 at 20:00 JST, which will be streamed via video service Niconico and YouTube, if you’re interested in seeing who the new character may be.

There won’t just be a new character reveal, however. There’ll be an update on the game’s latest update and some additional news on the upcoming events planned for the second anniversary of Dissidia Final Fantasy’s arcade edition. If you’ve been playing the game (you lucky dog!) in the arcades where it’s certainly meant to be played, perhaps you’ve got some kind of idea as to what character we can expect to see added. How about Selphie Tilmitt? Can’t go wrong there.

If you can’t get out to play the regular arcade version, you can play the PlayStation 4 release, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, when it comes out on Jan. 30 in North America, or dig out your PSP if you still have it and go crazy with the original Dissidia release. It’s still worth tearing into for old time’s sake! Remember when it was crazy that we were getting a fighting game with Final Fantasy characters? Pretty insane, right?


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